Sitemap - 2022 - Hot Takes

Stop only flirting at the edge: be timeless

Three key questions to ask potential digital analytics team members

Respect your users: treat them as self-aware, intelligent humans capable of critical thinking

Two concepts central to behavioral psychology the top 1% of creators have mastered

Don't feed the trolls: never take unconstructive criticism personally

Niche overrated, personality underrated (and perhaps the only thing that's left)

How major label lawyers are breaking social platforms like Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc

Take the extra step everyone forgets

How music composition taught me self-discipline

Are you trying too hard?

Best practices the top digital marketing agencies use in reporting

Digital brand warfare: starting cat & mouse games w/competitors (and even audiences)

A brief guide: how to report marketing results like a boss

Passion: a secret weapon of the knowledge economy and the thing you can't outsource

How the best digital professionals are like MacGyver

There's only one thing no one can copy: you

An introduction to neuro-linguistic programming: pseudoscience or useful framework?

The 33 strategies of war in-brief

What marketing and meteorology have in common

Become a beacon or risk being lost in the noisy, infinite digital horizon

The meta factor: understanding it for marketing, virality, and activating groups

Why you should return to long-form writing

The psychology of parking

What would make you buy our product once more per year?

10 rules that govern physical and digital groups

The latent cultural function of technologies

Ideas to stay generative in an increasingly saturated, information-rich world

New music to make your weekend better (free DL/stream for all Hot Takes subs)

Are you organized for failure?

Actionable ways for PR Pros to measure better

What makes a great digital marketing and analytics shop

Move up the metrics value chain

No niche is ever too crowded for fresh thinking

Talking vs doing - how to balance for work, creative endeavors and life

4 fictional robots you want on your marketing team

Be curious, not dismissive

Reasons why organizations (and individuals) with audiences win

Why you should experiment

What digital marketing and RTS games have in common

Ideas to keep your social media team motivated

Why you should strive for fewer meetings

The critical few

Let’s finally kill the word “television” — it’s quaint and obsolete

A brief guide to measuring mobile app users

A brief guide for those just starting out as digital analysts and marketers

Demystifying real-time analytics: a brief primer

Ideas for your routine to spark creativity

A primer on growing your brand - as an indie publisher or for your business

A brief intro to CLV

What you can't fake

Most of the 'creator economy' is doing fine, it's musicians who need help

Analyst skills are now table stakes: how to be dangerous with data

Simple ideas to grow subscribers and build user loyalty for your media

Fear nothing

Essential steps to present data persuasively

Don’t influence: connect and build trust

Is your team run by marketers or a bureaucrats?

Reviving the art of the mix [and new music for your day]

Don't look back

Inception marketing