Sitemap - 2023 - Hot Takes

Exploring Schopenhauer's contempt for Hegel

We need Twitter/X now more than ever

The high cost of interruption visualized

Fighting AI and remix culture is a losing battle

Prepare for the coming content backlash

The plague of over-optimization

Accessing your creative reserves

Your mobile device is ruining your creativity (and perhaps your life)

The subprime attention bubble

Jevon’s Paradox and a world of spiraling complexity

AI doomers and financial permabears: the same brand of pessimist

Should we still post to the internet for free?

Subtlety, details and bridges - not just hits

If you can write words, you can (probably) now also write music

Marketing lessons from the Roman Empire

Working absurd hours is not a badge of honor

The critical few: metrics, platforms, words

On status in modernity

Creatives vs bureaucrats

The true peril for brands: sponsoring cringe influencers

If you're still "just on social" you're at existential risk daily

Your life should be on an accelerated learning curve

Style vs substance

The internet blew up the pop star factory

You are not an “average” user

The pre-standard phase

A wake-up call for companies and the CMO role

Why so much modern reporting bothers us

Becoming an active participant is a blue ocean

Switching jobs or careers shows high agency and ambition

Embrace your creative clutter

Hollywood's (un)conscious biases: a closer look at the gatekeepers of culture

Why memes make millions

The existential problems with Threads

Amateurs obsess over tools, pros over mastery

Stop focus groups – connect with real people

The final post on remote work

Marketing lessons from 500,000+ forum posts

There's only one thing you need for great creative

Basics for overcoming procrastination

Sharing my latest creative work & behind the scenes for Hot Takes readers

Memento Mori

The rise of AI nihilism

Digital advertising as we know it has peaked

There is no need to feel overwhelmed

Playing by a completely different set of rules

Stop trying to "go viral," connect with users

Advertising trends and where the future is headed

Time-shifting the real-time web

The real value of a digital network

Permabears and permabulls